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Gastrosophia Society
by Gian-Maria Francesco Battuello   
Monday 30 July 2007


 International learned society to support Nature on sense of eating.

No luxury or intellectual food but food to human being still need daily.

The natural energy devoted to cosmic feeling of Life.  Feeding earth’s body,

nourishing mind to take care of all Sky’s creatures. Cuisine is no art, at all.

Not even a play or game. It is a primordial act to eat better to get better energy.

To live and respect Time.  To live and Thanks in what we trust.

To run on mystery of Life.

Join the most exclusive society in the world. Just 49 members

taking care of world’s authentic food and wine. Write for admission.

Meaning and activities

  • lectures
  • gourmet forum
  • expertise
  • investigation
  • setting menu
  • recipes
  • tasting
  • fine critic


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