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Goethe, Steiner and Fukuoka’s compassion: Biodynamic and Naturalism are just prêt-a-porter PDF Print E-mail
by Gian-Maria Francesco Battuello   
Monday, 06 August 2007

After gurus of winemaking, gods creating wines, welcome to priests of biodynamic, upholders of "better wine" due to vineyards treated with virgins manure, watered with diuretic tisanes, from anaesthetized grapes before harvesting ... "creep's mummy is all the time pregnant"


If virtual or not even a bit of culture on “science of the spirit” by Rudolf Steiner. If totally unknown feeling of anthroposophy, a little faith to it, please any talk about biodynamic! It is like introducing ourselves as Christians but with any knowledge about a certain Jesus, living as bigots, as canons just to show up better. It means ego’s marketing.
As branch of antrosophy biodynamic only works if it draws to Nature's essence, if grape-grower gets up it from themselves, as feeling beyond this world. The following check? If later winemaking use stainless steel tanks biodynamic become just the Sunday's suit. Maybe those grape-growers could talk about "organic superior". Biodynamic is not a kind of management to take Nature under control.

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