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Gourmandise e fame nel mondo PDF Stampa E-mail
by Gian-Maria Francesco Battuello   
Friday 22 September 2017

In un mondo che muore di fame, bisogna parlare di gastronomia, di alta cucina, di vini culto, con pudore, con umiltà, in termini intellettuali solo in funzione della cultura e dell’economia di alcune già fortunate zone del pianeta. Senza tale delicatezza, anche la massima qualità materiale, non trova soddisfazione.

In a world where people die looking for food, the talk about gourmet finest cuisine and cult wines, should be soft, modest, intellectual just to respect culture and economy of some terroir on the planet. Without this feeling, even the greatest quality  cannot have satisfaction.


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Piero Selvaggio - Julia Child PDF Stampa E-mail
by Gian-Maria Francesco Battuello   
Sunday 10 September 2017

Piero Selvaggio for Italy as Julia Child for France.

Gastrosophia Society celebrate Piero Selvaggio, from “Valentino” restaurant in Santa Monica. Probably the most outstanding man of Italian history devoted to teach and promote cuisine and wine for around 50 years, in U.S. but not only.

Piero, a great professional in managing, as a gentleman in hosting food passionate and wine lovers. Many did take advantages on him. Saying that Piero has done to what Julia Child made for French cuisine is not a blasphemy. Mr. Selvaggio deserves a position in “The walk of fame of cuisine”. Standing Ovation. Grazie Piero.

by Gian-Maria Francesco Battuello   
Monday 28 August 2017


It is a rare piece of luck to have lived in the same era of Bipin Desai and Wolfgang Grünewald, the guru and the gentleman of great food and great wines of XX century. How many restaurateurs, chefs winemakers, food experts wine connoisseurs, but also chateaux and domaine proprietors, will have learned what quality is. Wolf the greatest wine collector in the world (until 2017), Bipin the great taster of more than 100 vintages, the master of match. Both warm lovers of Frédy Girardet.

by Gian-Maria Francesco Battuello   
Thursday 24 August 2017

Médaillons de Homard de la Côte des Légendes

cuisinés aux trois tomates


Bouchées gourmandes de Bolets et Girolles d’été

aux éclats de céleri branche
réduction vigoureuse déglacée au Savagnin des Alpes


Saint-Pierre du Golfe de Gascogne

servi entier sur l’arête pesto piquant

au basilic discrètement moutardé


Noix de Ris de Veau

soigneusement dorée aux échalotes

grise pommes ressorts aux

champignons sauvages du moment

Frédy Girardet honored by Brigitte Violier and chef Franck Giovannini PDF Stampa E-mail
by Gian-Maria Francesco Battuello   
Saturday 19 August 2017

If you look for the best gourmet restaurant of the planet take the first shuttle to Lausanne-Crissier Switzerland, meet Brigitte Violier so sweet mistress, taste chef de cuisine Franck Giovannini, then enjoy the menu or “à la carte” choice. The legend of “Restaurant de L’Hotel de Ville” runs beyond time, the cult of Frédy Girardet for “quality-identity” still plays the menu. “Decoupage” is a must. Franck Giovannini really honors at best his “predecessors”: Benjamin Girardet (father), Frédy Girardet, Philippe Rochat, Benoit Violier.

For any hesitation please just contact Prof. Bipin Desai, Riverside California probably the greatest gourmet on XX century.

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