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Blog International
by Gian-Maria Francesco Battuello   
Thursday 24 August 2017

Médaillons de Homard de la Côte des Légendes

cuisinés aux trois tomates


Bouchées gourmandes de Bolets et Girolles d’été

aux éclats de céleri branche
réduction vigoureuse déglacée au Savagnin des Alpes


Saint-Pierre du Golfe de Gascogne

servi entier sur l’arête pesto piquant

au basilic discrètement moutardé


Noix de Ris de Veau

soigneusement dorée aux échalotes

grise pommes ressorts aux

champignons sauvages du moment

Frédy Girardet honored by Brigitte Violier and chef Franck Giovannini PDF Stampa E-mail
by Gian-Maria Francesco Battuello   
Saturday 19 August 2017

If you look for the best gourmet restaurant of the planet take the first shuttle to Lausanne-Crissier Switzerland, meet Brigitte Violier so sweet mistress, taste chef de cuisine Franck Giovannini, then enjoy the menu or “à la carte” choice. The legend of “Restaurant de L’Hotel de Ville” runs beyond time, the cult of Frédy Girardet for “quality-identity” still plays the menu. “Decoupage” is a must. Franck Giovannini really honors at best his “predecessors”: Benjamin Girardet (father), Frédy Girardet, Philippe Rochat, Benoit Violier.

For any hesitation please just contact Prof. Bipin Desai, Riverside California probably the greatest gourmet on XX century.

Christian Millau by New York Times PDF Stampa E-mail
by Gian-Maria Francesco Battuello   
Monday 14 August 2017

Christian Millau, a founder of the influential Gault-Millaurestaurant guide, which led the way in making nouvelle cuisine a global force in the early 1970s, died on Saturday at his home in Paris. He was 88. By beating the drum for nouvelle cuisine, the guide helped usher in the age of the celebrity chef. Its favorites emerged from the anonymity of the kitchen and, encouraged by the guide, explained their food to the public, making guest appearances on radio and television and publishing cookbooks.In their search for new and exciting young chefs, Mr. Millau and Mr. Gault championed a new style of cooking, practiced by chefs like Michel Guérard, Frédy Girardet and Joël Robuchon, that became known as nouvelle cuisine.

Michelin Syndrome PDF Stampa E-mail
by Gian-Maria Francesco Battuello   
Friday 11 August 2017

Michelin Syndrome =

submission to power not quality

The “stars syndrome” has almost infected the whole planet, from peaks to  beaches, from metropolis to forests, and chefs really are the first to get the virus of merciless incurable intoxication: “if I loose stars I’m dead”! Is a kind of oral infection. The starred chef take care of the fee: to expensive to very expensive in accordance to stars.

La “syndrome Michelin ” ha ormai contagiato tutto il pianeta, dalle vette alle spiaggie, dalle metropoli alle foreste, e sono proprio gli chef I primi a essere intossicati da un terribile virus inguaribile: “se mi tolgono le stelle sono morto”. Il contagio avviene soprattutto per via orale. L’onorario è a discrezione dello chef stellato: più sono le stelle, più costa.

Chefs killer journalists PDF Stampa E-mail
by Gian-Maria Francesco Battuello   
Thursday 03 August 2017

Do any chef remember the harsh article to chef Benoit Violier written by N. L. ?

How can you give so much credit to the gangs of writers about food and wine?

To killers without ethic and honor? Food-makers chefs and wine-makers are only able to shout with their staffs and criticize each other. The restaurants world is the worst bla-bla-bla on the planet.

“Nebulonum genetrix semper praegnans”

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