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Manifesto gastrosophico PDF Print E-mail
by Gian-Maria Francesco Battuello   
Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Manifesto gastrosophico

The twelve rules for your spirit and body.

  1. Authentic cuisine still is the only way to feed human flesh trough transformation of natural essences of stuff.

  2. Gourmand means distillation of feeding human culture: experience, homedaily food, tradition and culture, professional cooking: from codificationof basic stuff to sublime taste.

  3. The authentic cook (cook before being chef) is the professional whotakes brilliant responsibility of what he put inside his guests. Consciousof feeding own guests at best.

  4. Cuisine gourmande is not at all cold celebration of chef's ego but sharing cultural appreciation of the table. Cuisine and service are not atall the way to show own abilities but enjoy time with guests: they pay thecheck! (could be nice discover staff's menu of restaurants).

  5. Tasting menu, so long and complex, could be very heavy to digest because of too many different molecules, that all together cannot be transformed by enzymes. Feeding means getting energy  coming from food of ownhomeland.

  6. Mastication represents almost 1/3 of value for cuisine gourmande. The exaggerate contemporary suggestion of "liquid food" cannot satisfied the whole taste. The act of pre-mastication miss, and chefs cannot substitute it.

  7. Quality of gourmet lunch or dinner can be checked the day after by stomach and intestine wellness (see  blog )

  8. Gourmet dinner gets the same value of first night at theatre, art exhibition. It is true that just few hours later recipes and delicatessen will pass over. If authentic the ideal gourmet dinner should fuel body and soul.

  9. Gourmet feels restaurant as master class on food culture, where he can showing his/her appreciation "I like, I don't like", but never discuss techniques he doesn¹t know

  10. For gourmet authentic "menu degustation" is very welcome. It should be the symphony of the house. As we never choose at theatre.

  11. Menu degustation is the way to offer a taste of best without making guests sick bye the check. 

  12. Gourmet dinner is: already dreaming to come back soon still before to leave the restaurant.
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